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The Touch Up

line edit | 10,000 words

Minor tweaks? A thorough line edit & written review should do the trick.  I will cut the fat, ensuring each word, sentence, and paragraph contributes to the work's greater intention. I track my changes and include insights along the way, leaving you with the power to adopt changes as you see fit. 

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The Deep Tissue

Content edit | 10,000 words

Within your narrative, I will make suggestions to strengthen your intention utilizing the vital elements of storytelling and the joy of the English languageWhether it's your central theme, plot, dialogue, settings, or characters, I will diagnose those areas that will benefit from further development. After multiple reads, you will receive a comprehensive review of all of your story elements as well as suggestions to benefit its overall organization.

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Goddess Treatment

Content edit | Line Edit | Final Review | 10,000 words

I read and evaluate 3 Drafts of the work. With each draft, I target specific areas that could benefit from revision or development. The first round consists of a content edit, analyzing the storytelling aspects. The second draft focuses on language, sentence and paragraph structure. From macrocosm to microcosm, every aspect of your writing will truly shine, elevating your individual style and voice to its fullest potential.

Note From the Editor


Faith Shakti Heyliger


A graduate of New York University’s Gallatin School of Individualized Study, I created and defended my concentration: Celebrate Multiplicity Reintegrating the Self through Creative Presence—a practical, philosophical, psychological, and historical investigation into the split self and holistic methods of healing through the arts. At Gallatin, I cultivated an interdisciplinary lens that aims to energize narratives across the spectrum. I believe creativity is the greatest resource we have and that the Arts are catalysts of change vital to understanding ourselves and our world.

As a writer, I am all too familiar with the trials and tribulations of working on a two-dimensional page in a vacuum. I work with words that leap off the page, that incite profound feeling, that invoke a sense of presence with the ability to reignite the sense of fascination and wonder ablaze in our youth. I bring that same enthusiasm to my work as an editor.

My unique perspective and frank feedback cuts to the core of any project, eliminating any redundancies or inconsistencies to allow your audience to truly connect to your words and intention while energizing your language and adding the necessary depth to your content, dialogue, characters, settings, and themes. I conduct a comprehensive analysis, leaving no stone unturned in the quest to elevate your writing to its highest potential.

As a freelance editor, I respect your vision and value your voice. From minor line changes to detailed content edits to complete restructuring of the manuscript, I am thorough, adopting an approach that is uniquely tailored to your needs. I ask the right questions and provide crucial insight to allow you to see your project in a whole new light.

Dependent on the project's length and needs, I deliver quick turn around times. My fields of expertise and interest include but are not limited to Fiction | Poetry | Short Stories | Essays | Memoir | Bios | Self-Help | Mindfulness | Websites | Social Media Posts | Newsletters | Proposals | Captions | Genre-bending works | Counterculture. I am also happy to assist with Plays | Screenplays | Blogs | Songs | Emails | Speeches. No matter your creative need, I am eager to make your vision and voice truly shine!

In addition to editing, I have 12 years of teaching experience as an English tutor and SAT Teacher and 20 years of artistic experience, working on several film, theatrical, and commercial productions as a Stage Manager, Actor, Stylist, Producer, Production Assistant, and Creative Consultant.

Faith Shakti Heyliger

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