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Nourish your heart. Feed your soul. Stoke the creative fire brewing within. Purchase a Limited Edition copy of The Love Letter signed by poet Faith Shakti Heyliger. 


These oversized vegan leather bound tomes printed by the good folks at C&C Offset Printing Company and produced by Raab & Co. evoke a timeless quality as if they’ve always been sitting upon your shelf (or your coffee table). Gold foil inlay ornaments the spine and cover for a classic look that conjures memories of smouldering fires, vintage leather, anicent tomes, dark woods, and bearskin rugs: Wade into warmth and awaken with each turn of the page to the magic of existence.


Included with your art book is a page of bespoke stationary crafted with the author's favorite handmade paper from Nepal utilizing one of Rasa's marvelous Love Letter illustrations, a customized envelope, and instructions for writing your very own love letter. These materials were fashioned by the poet herself in the hopes that the reader will spread the love!

The Love Letter

  • XXL Art Book

    Vegan Leather

    9 1/2 x 12 1/2 inches

    Goil Foil Inlay

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